String Diffuser

Carry me off to a different dimension.
There’s no room in outer space,
It’s been filled with unique people.
Open to change,
cut into my heart.
Make me bleed and paint with my blood.
Beautiful red will turn into dirt maroon.

The first time someone called a hole was opened,
no worms could get through.
If you wait long enough only death will come.
If you move fast enough,
Things will be largely the same.

be the last person to call,
before my hearing’s lost.
Just make sure to close the cut you made.

Feel free to gouge away a piece.
Just take it far away,
Carry it towards another dimension.
There’s no room in outer space.

So long as it’s closed.
Wait long enough,
Move fast enough,
So things can stay the same?



Hello again, it’s one of those non-proof-read addendums at the end of the post. Everyone loves those, right?

Haha, of course not.

Anyway, it’s the middle of sunday I didn’t deign myself to take a shower, another week has gone by and I haven’t done much with my life. Not that it matters much, right? It seems whatever I do I only make little proggress.

That’s called being easily distracted.

That’s the biggest issue (lack of talent close second.)

Anyway I’ve been mostly posting these little non-poems but I feel like writing more worthless pseudo-reviews of things I liked, or didn’t like much, or outright hated but have enough things to say to fill a page or two.

And thus the post-post addendum has once again become longer, larger and possibly crappier than the actual post…


In case you’re interested you can see me fail at:




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