Faces in a neon sign
I can’t recognize any of them
All your hopes and dreams
stored safely in a box
So they don’t get in the way

They won’t get in the way

Candlelight dinner and a pack of cigarettes,
My heart stopped beating, for only a second
Close my eyes and fall asleep
Don’t wake up

Your face in a neon sign,
I didn’t recognize.


This, on a Fridya night, goes to all the lonely people that don’t have a place to belong to.

To all of those that sacrifice doing the things they like for the things they love.

Kind of an overly melodramatic end to a short, crappy post that I’ve been forgetting to do for quite a few days now. This one little spiel I add at the end I’m letting be a mind dump, not bothering to stop and think, not bothering to proof-read, not bothering to make sure it even makes sense.

But if there’s something anything I ever create can become, I hope it’s a place of rest for people that don’t belong anywhere,

Just like me.

In case you’re interested you can see me fail at:


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