Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, just in case someone cares, which I doubt… but, yeah… Got a new job or two, focused entirely on finishing my first comic/graphic novel/manga type thing and continued to write novels and short stories, most of which hasn’t led to anything… yet.

Thus this tiny little blog has found itself quite abandoned.

Though I doubt anyone cares.


Anyway, here is a little something, I’ll try to post more stuff at least weekly or every few days if possible but make no promises, again, no one cares… Haha.



If I close my eyes
How long would I last?
Yesterday doesn’t seem to end,
Even today
The lines stretch into my feet
Cracks appeared on the surface
Falling pieces tumbling down
There was a place you wanted to reach
But people had already gathered there

As much as I wanted to be on time
The bus never passed,
An hour later when it got here
I realized I didn’t have the fare

Just outside of town a vacant house burned
No one seemed to care
It’s ok not to care.



PD. It feels kinda weird having the messy add-ons, preambles and…. uh… post-amble(?) end up longer than the actual meat of the post.



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