Sometimes I do miss writing short no-one-cares-type posts about things like an anime I watched or a thought I had, or games and manga and stuff, but since I started focusing more on drawing my comic (and improving my skills) and writting my novel(s?) I’ve found less and less time to dedicate to that kind of thing, also it doens’t help that I got a new job (though in other areas it does help, a lot, a freaking lot).

Also I may have fallen in love, it’s not the type of thing I’m open or ever willing to admit out loud but it may is the truth.

Anyway here’s a short thing,

there’s always time for short things.


I wonder…
Well, I’ve been wondering…
When did I learn to laugh out loud?
Without meaning much, without being really impressed,
It may be a source of concern but,
I learned to laugh out loud.
Now I find it kind of hard to stop,
Is it sort of a warning sing
Or a development,
Either way I find it hard to believe,
That the person laughing out loud is really me.

I tried it more and more,
Without learning how to stop
Is it really alright?
I can’t help but wonder
Damn it,
It probably isn’t -all- right.

I can’t help but laugh at something stupid,
and hope to get a smile out of you,
even if you’re laughing at me.


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