Manga You Should Read: Jisatsuya Honpo

Manga You Should Read: Jisatsuya Honpo

I’ve been wanting to do another of these in a while, in fact the only one I’ve posted here is Homunculus (Which you should read and here are the reasons why) and thus in this my barely second iteration of Manga You Should Read I’ve chosen to talk of this little one-shot that has mixed reviews across the board.

Because for some reason after reading it just once some time ago, perhaps a couple of months or perhaps longer, I keep thinking about it.

One panel in particular stuck to me.


The premise is that there’s a group of agents that deal with all matters related to suicide, such as prevention and “processing”, however there’s also the rumor that in some cases they also assist people in committing the act.

When I look back upon the first time I read it I remember enjoying it a fair bit, maybe I wouldn’t give it a 10 (if I was the type to give numerical scores to subjective pieces of art) but I also wouldn’t go as low as a 5 or 6. In wondering the possible reasons for the mixed reviews a whole bunch of ideas come to mind but being only 40 pages of well-drawn  art and an interesting story you might as well give this a chance.

This one-shot with art by Kanou Kana and story by Kumugi Toki was released back in 2015, so the chances of it being serialized are either non-existent or extremely slim, and I haven’t found anything else by either member of the duo.



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