Completely forgot to post something in a while…

Been busy working more on my next novel while failing to get my first published. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is one of those short-y, fiction-y, prose-y, free-verse-y, things-y



Stuck in a cogwheel,
did someone say a name?
Despite my efforts I couldn’t get it to move
It spins but not when I try to
If it could resonate with anyone,
would it resonate with you?
For some reason I was asking that question
No one was there to answer,
but for some reason I kept asking that question

If someone where to call this a poem
I’d blush too much in embarrasment
My failed attempts at living
couldn’t even go near it

It spins way out of control
and I’m still stuck in the same place.
If anyone was to resonate
why did it have to be you?

The wind that blew that night,
against my sweat it…
It spins way out of control
while I’m stuck in the same place
I looked the other way while the characters met
It spins way out of control
Only when I stop trying
For some reason I keep asking questions
No one is there to answer.


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