The room darkens,

In all fairness the lights are off, I mean, why have them on in the middle of the afternoon…?

But anyway, some dark clouds hang over the city, or rather, the town in which I live. Then the sound comes, water falling down, sadly it doesn’t last. It seems to stop as fast as it started, but hey, that’s how it is (sometimes). This room will probably become brighter, or maybe not, even if there was little rain there are a lot of clouds.

Some dumb movie plays in the background, the words spoken muddled by the old songs that serve as the soundtrack of my days, I take a wasteful break from the “novel” I’m writing, doubts fill my head as to whether I can actually call it that.

Maybe I’m in way over my head, but at this point, with all those files that could be categorized as works in progress it doesn’t feel like I can just stop.

Besides, if not this then what else?

Still, there are days and moments in which those doubts overcome me, and they seem to come far more often lately.

It starts raining again.


I guess I can continue.

I can still go on.


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