Persona 5, late first impressions

Persona 5, late first impressions

Persona 5 is a great game.

Ever since the 3rd one the series (these and also the ones from mainline SMT I’ve been able to play) have been one of my favorite JRPGs. What with all the demon fighting and odd stuff happening.

So yeah, a few years ago that Persona 5 was finally announced I was overcome with a deep almost carnal desire. Yet I didn’t buy it day one when it was finally released in the west.

The reason? My backlog is large. 20-30 something games, to some of you in the internet that may not sound like much, but for me it almost makes me want to say F-it I’m outta here. So seeing as how Persona 5 had turned from a PS3 exclusive to also releasing on the PS4 I thought,

“Hell, let’s wait till the PS4 is more affordable and I’ll get it then, besides that way the price of the game will have dropped too.”




Honestly who could? Many people actually, not me though.

And thus on a trip to Walmart I said “screw it!” and left it to chance, if they had the PS3 version on the shelves I’d buy it. And oh deer gawd (purposely misspelled). They had it. And so Trails of Cold Steel 2 had to suffer the same thing that it’s prequel, being left in the backburner for a while longer, since when I played the first one I also thought screw it, and ordered the Japanese version of Vesperia for the PS3.

Had to play it with a guide but what the hell,

Anyway, now that I have Persona 5 on my dirty little hands I can say it’s worth every penny of that oh so dreadful full price of fifty bucks.

I’m still in the beginning, phantom thieving in the first palace and have experienced my first death-by-overconfidence.

Damn Archangel in the tower, thought that the random encounter version would be weaker and ended up killing me in a few turns.

So far I’m loving the characters, the stylish menus, the tweaks to the systems. Everything.

Haven’t gotten this far though…

Some people complained about the localization but I’ve seen nothing wrong so far. Every single part of this game has proved to be high quality and well worth both the wait and the price tag.


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