Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I watched this.

Does that make me a better human being? Of course not.

I don’t exactly know what I’m going for with this, but guess I just wanted to say that after finally getting around to watching it…

My feelings aren’t as strong as those of many others in the internet. Or at least as they used to be before they moved on to currently airing stuff.

Maybe this type of show is not exactly for me?

The art style is spot-on and the animation while mostly simple is perfectly smooth and fully functional, with a few shots every now and then in every episode to remind you that KyoAni knows how to animate really good looking scenes. Definitely one of the best studios, even if probably the only one series by them that I absolutely loved was season 1 of Chunibyou. Though Nichijou is something I definitely have to see someday, anyway…

My main thing is probably that shows with no plot generally have no large impact on me, and that is a problem for me not the creators of course, but still… since I’m not singing praise there may be a bunch of fanboys that will instantly hate me for it but all in all I did find it very enjoyable.

Something about the core message the show has gets a little bit to me, even if not as strongly as I expected or wanted it to.

The titular Miss Kobayashi finds and helps a dragon that ends up becoming her perpetually infatuated maid, along come many other dragons to live as part of human society.

Unexpectedly the show uses mostly lesbian dragons to deal a little bit with alienation and loneliness. Some moments will for sure tug at your heartstrings. And different from other shows like this by the end though it may seem like the status quo hasn’t changed all that much, it actually has.

Kobayashi says it herself in one episode, something along the lines of:

“Did I use to smile this much before?”


That’s the main thing, I guess…

Through meeting Tohru and the other dragons Kobayashi opens up and starts living a happier, albeit more chaotic life.

“This kind of thing is nice too…” Or something along those lines…

I don’t know maybe it just wasn’t the right time in my life for me to see this, maybe too early or maybe too late or maybe I’m too much of a cynical and broken human being (lol?)

The characters all have their charm. Kobayashi is a somewhat cynical programmer with lower back pains from working long hours with a love for maids and drinking after work, Tohru is the main lesbian dragon that is constantly trying to get Kobayashi to eat her tail (*blushes*).

After Tohru starts living in the human world the interest of other dragons gets piqued and along comes Kanna (after being exiled for being a prankster) moe bait loli dragon that must be protected at all costs (despite being strong, you know, dragon strong.)

Other dragons include Lucoa, “world class” mother of all that is thicc.


Who after visiting Tohru one night decides to attend the calling of a demon summoning circle and starts living with a wizard kid that believes her to be a Succubus.

The only male dragon in the show is Fafnir, a no chill cursed dragon turned into Otaku by Kobayashi’s friend for work and fellow maid lover. Their interactions are some of my favorites in the show, since fafnir is very moody and hates humanity, yet comes to like and consider this lowly-human a friend.

Last to appear is Elma, another busty dragon that allegedly wants to bring order by making Tohru return to their world but ends up living “over here” too, since she doesn’t have the magic to move freely between realms. Ends up working with Kobayashi, not much screen time.

Anyway, i found the job to be very enjoyable with lots of laughs and thicc-ness, though I wouldn’t say it warrants multiple views, at least not for me. Sadly it seems that the funimation dub has ruined some aspects of the show, I hear some people say.

Since I tend to go subbed it doesn’t affect me that much but it still sucks, probably. I liked funimation and had good thoughts on them but there’s some bad things being said about the way they handle localization and stuff. Which makes me put some doubt in them,

Anyway, don’t lewd the loli dragon.



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