Mind Dump #03 – Of Faux Tragedies And An Eternal Journey of Learning

Mind Dump #03 – Of Faux Tragedies And An Eternal Journey of Learning

Forgive the over dramatic title but I had no other idea of how to call this particular Mind Dump, the “column” in which I just blabber on and on about a particular topic that came floated to the surface of my consciousness at any particular time, with as little proofreading as possible.

You know…


So yeah, the particular inspiration for this post are mistakes, the pain and damage they can cause and most importantly, a screw up that cost me a ton, including my job, though that separation was in the end my own choice. After all, why stay at a job that ended up costing you more than you earn in a month, or so…

10,209.62, 1,374.72 and 8,577.47.

Those are numbers I will never forget, or so I would like to say but alas, I’m not actually sure of a few of the digits in there, but oh well.

The point is that the particular experience that involved the aforementioned numbers was one that dealt a terrible blow to my psyche.

By the by, I had no hand in the creation of any of the images I’ll be using

Why, oh why had things to be like this?

Well boo hoo, all that is left for me in the end is to continue writing and to return to the oh-so-dreaded job hunt. Hell, in the beginning few moments of which I was actually excited to see what possibilities extended for me, and… as it turns out…

They’re not many.

But anyway this post is not to complain about the condition of the job market in whatever particular country one resides, after all things are hard everywhere because “leaders” are assholes. Everywhere.


I’d rather talk about how some blows hit us straight in the gut at times, leaving us sobbing on the ground, barely able to breathe. If I had to define growing up in a concise fashion I would most certainly say something along those lines. But what is there to do but to let loose a few manly (or not so manly, whatever you want to call them) tears and move on? After all we are but humans, we make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes damage us or others deeply, there is no choice but to learn what can be learned from the experience, hopefully grow a little and move on as best as you can…

Sauce? Unknown.


The past constantly comes back to bites us in the ass, but being an adult means developing that hard coating of bastard-ness that helps you deal with it.

I’m going to end this post, as always not with a bang but with a meh…

Let’s carry on forward.

Different context but oh well…



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