Mind Dump #02 – A year of drawing again..

Mind Dump #02 – A year of drawing again..

Sometime last year…

Ok I admit it, it was a bit earlier but I kind of forgot that I wanted to post something related to this.


It’s been about a year since I got back into drawing, and have been practicing mostly every day, with very few exceptions.

I’m not entirely sure what was it that little by little edged me towards doing it more and more, perhaps it was just a bunch of factors slowly coming together, perhaps it was just something meant to be… After all I had loved drawing all my life, but got too frustrated by my lack of skill.

A lack of skill that was equal parts lack of effort and lack of guidance.


Crappy doodles from a long time ago

Then one day as I was wasting time loitering in an office depot after a trip to Barnes & Noble (bought a ton of manga, some Haruki Murakami books and stuff), and I saw a set of Prismacolor illustration markers. One thing lead to another and eventually the desire to finally work towards stepping up my art to a somewhat decent level instead of being a crappy copy-artist that always did everything as a tutorial told him while not paying attention in class.

Or something like that.

Practice with reference photos, copying illustrations I loved, doodling and sketching things out of my head, all the good stuff.

With ever mixed results.

Circa 2016, probably around… may?

Sometimes ok, sometimes really bad.

Earlier this year (2017), too lazy to draw a background or something.

Always far from what I want to reach.

In any case I feel that I should, nay, I desire to continue practicing and improving more and more, even if little by little. Though hell, I’d be hard pressed to say that I have experienced any sort of considerable improvement, it is at most a barely noticeable boost, maybe just lines that aren’t as squiggly, sometimes.

Either way I love it.

And maybe someday I’ll make the time to draw a comic book, in between bouts of writing text-only books, though my lack of current skill and “time” have brought me to keep the storyboards of a one-shot stored away, fully done in rough-draft, halfway-done in Clip Studio Paint.

In fact if I ever get to make a living from writing and am able to drop my day job I’d be more than glad to devote the deserved time into it. There are many stories I want to tell, and some of them feel better suited to the graphic novel format.

This is my Instagram, in case you’re interested.

Please, do feel free to comment, give tips and send me hate mail.



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