Dimension W

Dimension W

I hate to be the bearer of popular (I think) opinions, but in this occasion what I’m going to talk about is that I was sadly disappointed by Dimension W.

As far as I could tell from a couple of years back (again, I think.) when it originally aired, the problem some people had with it was that they got overly excited about an anime/manga starred by a middle aged scruffy guy, instead of some pretty high-school boy/girl/thing, then they got upset because the robot girl is fan service, which apparently is a bad thing (?).

Cinnamon Roll (Almost)

But no, my disappointment didn’t lie with the character designs, which I thought were for the most part terrific.

I can’t speak much of the manga, since I only became aware of its existence while looking for pictures for this post but the anime had a lot going for it. Good looking character designs, interesting sci-fi setting, good animation and sound.

But the problem, the main one, with Dimension W was the plot.

It all started very good, with a futuristic setting in which a ronin like geezer (by anime standards) that hates the high-tech, new power source thingamabobs (coils) makes a living by collecting them. Illegal coils are used for a variety of purposes, but in the end we don’t actually see much of the illegal coil hunting.


What do you guess happens? Boom, gets partnered with the cute robot girl waifu, Mira.

Wouldn’t have guessed huh?

It’s is all nice and good. In the beginning.

The problem is a few episodes in when some of the plot twists start popping up, some of them feel pulled straight out of the author/creator’s ass. Not to diss on anyone that enjoyed this, hell I liked it, but couldn’t get past a few of the developments that happen in the story, related to the more special coils that can potentially cause havoc. The “numbers”.

There’s a sudden shift in the feeling of the series that severely hindered my enjoyment of it.


The way they really grind you with the possibility thing rubbed me the wrong way.

How the coils, getting energy from another dimension, blablabla, can present an altered reality of sorts, then there’s some crap with memories and feelings and stuff.

Couldn’t roll with it.

The world building they had going on gets severely brought down when the somewhat supernatural elements are mixed in, and this comes from a sucker for the supernatural crap!

Picture somewhat related.

At around the half or maybe a bit earlier the show lost a lot of the charm it had in the beginning (though I did end up watching it all the way to the end, just because I had to see.)

When Kyoma and Mira go to investigate the death of a renowned author and then there’s ghosts and memories and the power of feelings.


It nose-dived. Hard.

Oh well it’s got it’s good points at least, though it was severely lacking in more of this guy:

Loser, his actual name for most of the show

Also, there’s the apple guy:

At least I think that’s who this is supposed to be.

I’d recommend you stream it before choosing to buy either the DVD or Blu-Ray, I myself won’t be getting it though, as much as I enjoyed the first few episodes, character designs, animation and voice work it losses most of its beginning momentum just as the story starts developing.



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