Mind Dump #01 – Gratefulness

Quick Random Post of anything that comes to mind since I want to keep writing this as sort of an exercise in, well, writing.


Let’s talk about gratefulness, as a sort of mind-dump type post.

By that I mean that whatever comes to mind goes into the page, so yeah.


I don’t mean to preach, and in fact I’m talking a lot out of experience. But the longer we live (this comes from a 20something so don’t take it all that seriously if you so wish…) the more bad and negative stuff we pick up from the rest of the world.

Looking back on my childhood self as long as in a day I could hang out with my dog and look at my Pokémon cards and play some Megaman X everything was right in the world. Present day, present time I come to worry about pretty much everything…

I try not to but it gets to me. At least a little bit.

Someone cuts the taxes of the rich and the poor have to pay a ton more in health-related expenses in one country, in another a ruler kills in vicious way HIS OWN FREAKING PEOPLE. In many Latin American countries the law seems to protect the evildoers more than it does the law abiding citizens and then there are the millions and millions of people all over the world that don’t even have anything to eat.

Add to that all the personal self-centered “problems” a 20something is bound to have, such as social and work life related issues, whether the pursuit of maybe someday turning one of your hobbies into something that earns you the money to stay alive is worth the sacrifice of your other daily interests, given that it may never come to be…

When all of that noise enters your mind it’s easy to forget all the good things that go on in your life.

For example sure, there are millions supporting tyranny, xenophobia and corruption. But there are also millions advocating for equal rights, amongst other things.

And while it’s terrible that some people don’t have anything to eat, that makes it all the more important to be grateful for all that you have to nourish your body, even if it at times may not be the best tasting food or whatever.

Are your parents still alive?

Do you have friends waiting to be able to hang out with you at the end of the week?

A pet that rushes to the door you when you get home?

Hell even some videogames or TV series to play or watch at the end of a rough day when you don’t have any energy to do anything.

The rougher the times get the harder it is to notice all you have, big or small, to be thankful for.

But that is all the more reason to look inside yourself and look at what makes you smile even when the times are rough.

A friend, a family member (pets count here, obviously), a hobby, the senses you have, the body you live in, a good book on lonely days, the rain that falls from the sky, the stars at night, the clouds that give you shade on a sunny day, the summer breeze, coffee in winter.


The fact that as long as you reach out, even if it takes a long time, eventually you will connect to someone.

May our hearts resonate.



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