Yomawari: Night Alone First Impressions

Yomawari: Night Alone First Impressions


If I had to water down my experience so far with the game (on the PSVita) to a single sentence it would be:

“I can’t believe this is scarier than Dead Space 3”

Which isn’t so much a statement in favor of this game, but a comment on how much disappointment Dead Space 3 was, despite the fact that I wasn’t expecting much anyway.

But enough about that (later post maybe?)

Yomawari is a game that very much reminds me of those horror adventures made with RPGmaker, like Ib and whatnot. Here you take control of a cute little girl that goes through very bad things.


In just the very first few minutes of the game when you’re barely getting acquainted with the way to control the character a very shocking scene happens, and the mood for the rest of the game is painted.

Basically the idea is that your sister goes out at night in search of the pet dog and doesn’t return, so the main character decides to go as well and search for her. But very bad things are lurking in the darkness.

The very first encounter with an “enemy” creature actually made me jump a bit, and as I mentioned before that’s more than I could say for other games of the genre, also I just have to mention how much I love the juxtaposition of cutesy art style with creepy atmosphere and some disturbing creature designs.

If you love horror/adventure games and don’t feel the need for them to have any action then this is fully recommended, unless you have a thing against short games, everything points towards it being most likely only a couple hours long.

The physical edition of Yomawari: Night Alone came with Hotaru no Nikki: the firefly diaries (Not gonna bother writing the mess that is the actual title) another title with a cute art style combined with creepy atmosphere but, you guessed it, that’s a topic for a future post. Other than that there were a couple of art books and a soundtrack. It’s also available on Steam and a sequel will be released in the future.

In the meantime I heavily suggest at least checking it out since it’s a very interesting concept and since it’s by the same people that created the firefly diaries it’s most likely going to be a very emotional ride.


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